Death Wars

Did That Really Just Happen?

So Jonas and Tsignotchka Woo decided to try and gather some inside information and really didn’t find out much to help in the wars. In fact, they were able to offend a few people and even send a few packing to the Outlands! Like Su-Rinn and Lady Of Pain. Luckily Elminster the Surial, promised to help you in the Death Wars.

We also found out who is imprisoned in The Spire… The Modrons are marching… and The Forgotten Palace no longer flies.

Oh Yeah, we cannot leave out the most important part! Onegas is in the Death Wars and has teamed up with Raven the Uberloth.

After a brief meeting with Garl Glittergold you find out he has a “real bad ass” army. However, you realize that he will fight with honor.

Did I mention that LOP took the Standard Of Unity from you? I’m sure it is a temporary loan and she will give it back someday…. if she lives that long.

Speaking of her death, let’s hope her and Su-Rinn don’t die before the Death Wars begin… an Uber-Kira is not something you want to deal with…… EVER!!

As Quicky remembers things
A not so complete history on the early Death Wars ...

Most of these notes I located in an old notebook entitled “Hooba’s Book”. It smelled like cheetos and cloves …
In the Beginning
We began on the Material plane – Rhukaihine. We met up in a big city and fought our way through a gladiatorial tourney. Hooba won. Immediately thereafter, everyone in the city (but us) died and a flying city came floating down from above.
Rhukahine ii
“Karachi” – Homeland of Hooba and Lefty
From there, we somehow ended up in Sigil where we met up with Gates, Arka Studia, etc.
Sigil 1.0
Arka Studia – Medusa Sensate boss in Sigil has helped us by lending us her house and hospitality. At one point she offered to pay us 200,000 gp a piece to find the “Codex of Infinite Planes” which is a 5 million year old book located in Thoth’s librabry which is somewhere in Arborea. Arka Studia wanted the Codex to find out more about Rhukaihine (my plane of existence).
- Arka Studia is the leader of the Mind’s Eye, an alliance between the Athar and Sensates?
- Arka’s husband is a Gith.
Gates (a Gatecrasher) helped us get around when we were clueless. We hung out at a tavern named “Singing Holly’s”. Holly is a siren who lives in the Lady’s Ward. There we met up with Collision and Gates.
At one point we were on Arquellor, the second level of Arborea.
Thoth is the Diety of Knowledge, History, Writing, Learning, and Justice.
- He invented writing and is known as “The Baboon”.
- He was once the original scribe of the underworld.
- He had a cohort named Mehat.
- Thoth directed the boat of Ra that takes the Sun around the world. He has control over whether or not the deceased Gods go to the Abyss or not.
- Thoth was surprised about Rhukaine being attatcked.
Nun – Diety of Water on Arquellor
- Temple of Legends is where divine heroes go when they die. Nit and Nun were allied with Gith and Slaadi. We were ambushed in an underground temple. We fought our way out.
- Nit wanted to find out who was leading the Drow. Nit sent us to the city of Drow. There are books that can tell us why Rhukaine is important.
Early Notes on Death Wars
Faerun used to be a plane on the great wheel. Also, Faerun used to be where Acheron is. Faerun used to be a level of Baator.
The winner of the great battles gets their plane moved to the prime. This is so Limbo goes to the Prime and sucks up the prime . Then, the Drow get Limbo’s old spot because Lolth wants her own plane.
Each city on Rhukaine can only host one deity during the Death Wars. Each city is representative of a plane on the great wheel. Each deity must arrive through the matching city.
The Orcs and Drow invaded Rhukaihine. I believe we have killed Grumsh and Lloth. Somewhere we met a drow named Kolnic.
Lady Kiera is not a power or a deity. Kiera is part of the order of Rhule. Her city will return from Limbo. We were commissioned by Horace’s brother to find out when it will return and where it is.
Hooba stole Lady Kira’s Star Onyx and her book. Lefty now has the Onyx.
For completing the “Great Hunt” we all received arrows of Solonor, one of the resident deities. Jilt, an Elven Ranger, helped us. We also met Artemis, a Greek deity, at the after party.
Sent to the Mazes, Hooba thought he was looking for an Adult Red Wyrm. Upon finding said dragon, he attempted to sneak up on it. I can sneak up on an Adult Red Wyrm, he thought, it can’t be that hard. Turning confidently to the rest of the party, he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll go scout this thing out and make sure it’s safe for the rest of you.”
Upon failing his sneak roll he noticed the dragon was ‘Colossal’ in size. Hooba argued with reality, “Adult Red Wyrms can’t be Colossal.” It was at that point he realized he had been given bad information.
Hooba looked back to his friend the paladin. “Jonas, I need your help.”
Jonas replied, “You’re not being sneaky.”
If I remember correctly, the monk spent most of that fight making feeble grapple checks from inside the mouth of the Wyrm.

Major Questions (that I had @ one point)
Slaadi Lords – Spawning Stone?
Sun – What to do?
What is happening on Rhukaihine.
Talk to Neth? An Army?
Sigma Genisis? Dead or Alive?
Who are the other 2 of the original 5?

Jonas’ question to talk to Neth: How many clerics of Thoth does it take to light a candle?
Answer(?): “Neth destroyed himself in a past life and became a plane of existence. He used to be bad, turned good and destroyed himself to defeat another evil power.”
“The spawning stone is Lady Kira’s ‘city that will return.’ Neth is the only way to oppose her city’s return, etc. The difference maker will be High Marshall. He will lead the Army of Neth.”
“All the Quintessence is in the Astral Plane with the stars.”
“We have to use Grumsh to fight Kiera. Each city we save brings in a new diety to fight Kiera.
Onegis vs. Lady of Pain in the Death Wars.
Onegis tried to create races and created Baator and Abyss denizens. Because he lost over (sic) everything and created the Shadow Plane.
Overran everything with Saurials (High Marshall).
L.O.P cheated with the Baator and Abyss denizens.
Shar won the last death war. Renbu doesn’t like Shar.
These were the descendants of the Original Beings (elements)
Lady Kira – Chaos
Lady Korst – Randomness
Madam Snedum – Insanity
Madam Renbu – Colors
Lady Yagril – Entropy
Nameless – Lady of Pain
Su’Rin – Order, was the …
Onegis – brother (big cheese) suffered from schitzophrenia
L.O.P – went to NETH who created the Dragons and Titans to defeat the Saurials and Onegis.
Neth promised to make 10 million of the race of our choice.
The Ancients
Chaos – Water
Good/Holy – Air
Law – Earth
Unholy/Evil – Fire
Neutral – Flesh (Quintessence/Neth)

Random notes from later book
Onegus speciality is Dreams.
Babr has visions which are more powerful, trained by not restrained. Trancendant Order
Orcus +1 cities? – sold – bother – now has 2 cities – gave first city to Kiera – ?Dreaming? prison
We released Onegus? Cathy let him out?
Onegus – Orcus unfroze for city which was given to Kiera.

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