Death Wars

Did That Really Just Happen?

So Jonas and Tsignotchka Woo decided to try and gather some inside information and really didn’t find out much to help in the wars. In fact, they were able to offend a few people and even send a few packing to the Outlands! Like Su-Rinn and Lady Of Pain. Luckily Elminster the Surial, promised to help you in the Death Wars.

We also found out who is imprisoned in The Spire… The Modrons are marching… and The Forgotten Palace no longer flies.

Oh Yeah, we cannot leave out the most important part! Onegas is in the Death Wars and has teamed up with Raven the Uberloth.

After a brief meeting with Garl Glittergold you find out he has a “real bad ass” army. However, you realize that he will fight with honor.

Did I mention that LOP took the Standard Of Unity from you? I’m sure it is a temporary loan and she will give it back someday…. if she lives that long.

Speaking of her death, let’s hope her and Su-Rinn don’t die before the Death Wars begin… an Uber-Kira is not something you want to deal with…… EVER!!


Oh Yes that really did just happen!!!

Did That Really Just Happen?

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